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Rescueing a non booting VM under Openstack
So we are running an OpenStack installation based on Folsom, but with Ceph as our underlying storage engine for volumes. This is a bit cutting edge. To make matters more bleeding, we run the Ceph OSDs on BTRFS – definitively bleeding edge, as we had various of our servers die with BTRFS related kernel panics. […] Read more – ‘Rescueing a non booting VM under Openstack’.
5 – fasting day 1
Almost at the end of day one of the fast – this was both more and less difficult than the last time I remember. Easier because I’m not actually hungry, there is sort of a constant nagging from the stomach, but nothing that is really difficult to ignore (or to shut down with a glass […] Read more – ‘5 – fasting day 1’.
6 – fast
Tomorrow I will start a 7 day fast. Today saw reduced food intake (even though I had two social events to attend to) and not-tea instead of tea. The last time I held fast must be around 18 years ago. I remember deeply enjoying the experience (and missing the act of chewing the most) and I […] Read more – ‘6 – fast’.

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