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After over two^h^h^h three years of not doing anything here, the recent exodus from “Birdsite” to Mastodon has brought up the topic of self hosted and independent content. Time to dust of the old blog. I had to update a few files in my Chaschper Theme to make it compatible with a more recent version of Hugo than the one I had installed. I also had to do the usual Yak shaving to get everything back up to speed on a new laptop (where new is relative - I’ve had this machine for over 6 months and just not had the need to run Git or Hugo from the commandline since then. ...

Jens-Christian Fischer
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The Farm

I spend my summer holidays with friends in a remote place somewhere in Denmark on an old farm. It is a time of talking, laughing, sharing stories, crafting, sports and good food. And sometimes there’s music. In previous years I shared some of my songs, this year I performed a set with guitar and iPad and a portable speaker for a few friends one afternoon. As usual, I recorded the set - this time I tried to capture all tracks and not just the resulting stereo mix. ...

Jens-Christian Fischer