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The Farm

I spend my summer holidays with friends in a remote place somewhere in Denmark on an old farm. It is a time of talking, laughing, sharing stories, crafting, sports and good food. And sometimes there’s music. In previous years I shared some of my songs, this year I performed a set with guitar and iPad and a portable speaker for a few friends one afternoon.

As usual, I recorded the set - this time I tried to capture all tracks and not just the resulting stereo mix. As usual with technical things (and musical technical things in particular), it went wrong and out of the 7 armed tracks, only 4 had a signal. Luckily that included the raw guitar and the synths (as well as two of the effects tracks). I was able to re-create the missing effect tracks and the only thing that was really lost, was the drum track.

I recreated the whole performance in Auria, re-did the reverb track (even though it was one of those that got recorded) (shout out to Eventide for releasing the Blackhole Reverb) - a really wonderful tool - and re-created a drum track. Except for the removal of a small portion at the very end, the rest is un-edited and recorded as performed.

The Farm

Jens-Christian Fischer

Maker. Musician