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Back to the Handspring Visor (from old blog)

After almost a year with an Ipaq3870, I’ve dusted off my old Visor Deluxe and reinstalled from a backup. Synched with Outlook to get back my calendar and adresses and I’m back in business. Two programs that I have missed so much during the PocketPC days:

Lifebalance HourzPro

Nothing on the PocketPC comes even close… I’ll still use my Ipag in the car, using the very nice GPS Navigation Software I have.

Wonder why I don’t use my CompaqIpaq any more? Read on: The IPaq: It looks great, has lot’s of memory, fantastic color display, bluetooth built in - and much much more.


  • I have to reset it once a day

  • it feels slower than my old HandspringVisor?

  • Every little developer thinks it’s OK to charge US$ 20 for a stupid “freeware” style program

  • I am so much faster looking up and entering day to day stuff on my Visor - it’s just not funny

  • Have I mentionend LifeBalance and HourzPro? Nothing that even comes close on the PocketPC platform

Oh - before you ask: I will keep my Ipaq. It makes a great GPS Navigation system

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