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IE 6 != IE6 (from old blog)

What’s the difference between IE6.2800 on WindowsXP SP1 and IE6.2600 on Windows2000? 6 hours of finding a workaround for what seems to be a bug in IE6 on Win2000. In the application I’m writing I had to edit richt-text (using eWepEditPro). I did that in a child window and triggered a saveAndReload function in the main document. (Because I’m working with a Domino backend - things have to be saved from time to time ;-) Anyway - on my machine it worked. On my customers machine, the trigger of the function in the parent document didn’t work (window.opener.saveAndReload(); ). Spent hours figuring out where the problem was. Another couple of hours spent to find a workaround that works on both machines and gives me the same functionality.

It works now… Doing a fix-priced project has it’s drawbacks…

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