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P800 emulator working again

There were two things that set back my P800 development last week:

  • My Symbian emulator crashed right after startup - making debugging of my application just a bit problematic

  • Way too much work - three clients, three deadlines

While I can do something about the second point (work, work some more, and then work at night), there’s nothing much I could do about the constant crashing. The helpful people on the forums weren’t being helpful so my app is sitting on the backburner at the moment.

But yesterday an update of the UIQ SDK was posted on the Sony-Ericsson site. After downloading the 12 MB and installing it, I tried to run the emulator (with little hope of it actually working) - but lo and behold: It started up and my app showed up. Time to spend a bit more time in the Java IDEA of choice and polish, then release it.

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