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Not dead yet - and talking

Oh my - work is backing up again, and the precious easter holidays were nice but too short (and I spent one day doing my accounts instead of spending it with the family). Also - there always seems to be something happening: if the work situation is good, then problems on the private front creep up. Spent the easter weekend having long and good talks with my wife.

Something that I have learnt during my life (and old relationships gone bad) is that you need to talk about your feelings, about your concerns. Earlier I always was afraid of saying what my thoughts, wishes, desires were. Fear of “not being loved” anymore, fear of hurting the other. That this not talking led to much more pain in the long run… well it took a while to learn that.

Today I don’t have that problem anymore: I can talk about what bugs me, what I need, where I differ in opinion. I know that this can hurt my wife. I know that it’s hard on her. But it’s the right thing to do, and in the end it will lead to a relation that is more stable and more balanced.

The hours spent this weekend have led to some new insights, some new resolutions and to the discovery of new problems. I know that we will be able to solve them! Thanks, Daniela.

Jens-Christian Fischer

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