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P800 stopped syncing

Hmm - my P800 stopped syncing with Lotus Notes. It just doesn’t work anymore. I have the latest sync software, I have the latest Notes 5 version (5.0.12) and nada happens. I get the informative message, that the sync finished - but it doesn’t do anything. Of course there are no log files. There are no settings to fiddle with. Let’s see how good the SonyEricsson support is… .

First impression: Their knowledgebase is useless. First of all, it doesn’t recognize Opera (but a quick CTRL-ALT-I in Opera to make it identify as IE fixed that ;-) then the answers are not very helpful (“Yes, there is software to sync with Notes”)

Fired of an email to them - let’s see what happens….

On Notes.net Andreas Imnitzer (hi - Andreas - good to see you again after all these years) made the suggestion to use fully qualified paths to the notes databases in the sync settings. I tried that already and it didn’t help…

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