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LinkedIn - a network of professionals

Updated with more links

I like networking. I like the idea, that everybody is connected to everyone else through not more than six other people. I was a member of sixdegrees.com - but never got much use out of it. Anyway - there’s a new company, LinkedIn, Ltd that offers this kind of networking. It’s aimed at realizing networks of professionals - and it has a number of safeguards against spamming, and unwanted contacts.

There’s a description of the Web of Trust that lies behind such systems on Many-to-many list.

Update: There’s a very active and interesting discussion on Joi’s site with the founder of LinkedIn offering background information on design, user reactions etc. It’s is very interesting to see how this is going to develop.

Joi has also created a LinkedIn Wiki Page that has more information and more links.

Marc Canter has an email discussion about LinkedIn

Elizabeth Lane Lawley has criticism

Let’s see how this develops…

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