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Please advise me on new gadget

The project I’m working on is coming to an end. I have promised myself, that I’ll buy a portable MP3 player when it’s over. I was in K55 - the MP3 shop yesterday and had a look at the (old) Apple iPod and the Archos AV140.

I have a hard time deciding. The interface of the (old) iPod I looked at beat everything else I touched hands-down. The iPod also looks much nicer. It should work with the Audigy Firewire port on my Home Theater PC (HTPC) and Mediajukebox 9.

The Archos has a certain geekness factor (ability to play and record video / DivX both on the internal “tiny-screen” as well as on TV and it has a 40gb harddisk. I could use it to store pictures from digital camera when I’m on holidays. The cost above the iPod is not the big problem. The size of the Archos is OK. User Interface is so-so. USB 2.0 (which means I need to buy a USB 2.0 card either for my Home Theater PC or my Laptop). Build quality seems to lack, support seems to be pretty bad.

What to buy? Is the video option necessary? Does it matter?

Luckily the iPods don’t arrive until in one or two weeks time, so I have some time to make my decision. What are your thoughts?

Jens-Christian Fischer

Maker. Musician