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Switching - blogging it

I’m working on a Dell Inspiron 8200 with Windows XP. When I bought it a couple of months ago, I alos put a copy of RedHat Linux 7.3 on it, but didn’t use it much. Prompted by vowe about his installing RH 9, I decided to try that too. 3 Diskimages and an hour of installation later I had an updated system that hung forever on starting sendmail and canna (whatever that is). It displayed in 800x600 during install and not at all after I booted from HD.

Time to download Knoppix and try that. Amazing: It found my wireless LAN, my USB Diskkey, the PC-Card with the CF from my digital camera, booted into 1600x1200 (with just a little help on the initial commandline - fb=1600x1200 ), has sound, and I’m blogging with Mozilla now.

In the background a script is busy, installing Knoppix to the harddisk. The next entry in this blog should be from a HD based install of this distribution… So far 76% copied, next step is to install LILO instead of GRUB. I’ll keep you posted ;-)

Jens-Christian Fischer

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