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Gone in two hours

Ahhhhhh - yesterday was hard: Getting up at 5 in the morning and working more or less straight until 20:00 (for clients that is). Then get home, ready the car and start packing. We planned on leaving really early (like 04:00 today) but only got in bed after midnight so getting up time was pushed back to 06:00. I’m up an hour earlier - putting the last touches on a minor release for one my clients.

Geek alert: Using a Notes View to build Javascript hashtables - sadly, I’m probably the only one that is ever going to appreciate the sheer beauty of this.

Anyway - the living room is littered with stuff to take to the holidays. I have to clean up one more Domino form and then wake the rest of the family and then we’re off to Italy.

The CD with the italy card from Navigon arrived yesterday by courier. I had ordered it three weeks ago and wrote an email on monday where it was. An online shop with a non-working email server ate my order. The kind folks at Navigon then rushed me the CD by UPS - on their cost. Thank you! It arrived and your navigation program for PDA’s is really great. It has given my Ipaq the possibility to demonstrate it’s usefullness at least in one area. As faithful readers know, I switched back from Ipaq to Visor (and now to the P800)

Enough of these ramblings - time to finish the code and then … Pasta, pizze, frutte di mare, vino, sole

I’m not taking the laptop with me, I’m not going to be able to read my email. I’m taking the P800 and depending on if I have roaming access to GPRS in italy or not, I will have no net access for two weeks. Bliss or painful? I will let you know when I’m back.

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