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Linked in!

I recently wrote about the LinkedIn Locked Out problem I was having. Well - LinkedIn changed a subtle thing: You can opt in to receive requests directly from people that are more than 4 degrees away from you. I wondered how I came to suddenly have 60+ people in my network that I didn’t know about. Then it dawned on me, that these 60 people must be the first ones to opt in for the direct contect feature. I opted in too - and the very next morning I had a mail from a Swiss/American guy who was busy patching up the disparate networks. He knew either Joi or Reid himself - so when he invited me to his network, BAM, I suddenly was connected to 1500+ people. This morning, I’m up to 2200+ connections - and boy, some of them look interesting. I haven’t made my own request yet, but this afternoon, I’m meeting Tom, who invited me to his network for some business talk… Good stuff, LinkedIn ;-)

Jens-Christian Fischer

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