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Reading: Pattern Recognition

I’m a big fan of Willam Gibson. I was heavily influenced by the Neuromancer series and I (think) I have read all of his Sci-Fi novels over time. So when I started reading again (instead of sitting at the computer all the time) it was time to pick up his (not-so) new book: Pattern Recognition (Amazon.de) Pattern Recognition (Amazon.com)

As a non-native english speaker, the language used by Gibson is difficult at times, unfamiliar terms, (no - not the use of google as a verb) - but the language conveys images, feelings. London a familiar city, when viewed through the eyes of CayceP - the protagonist of the book - turns into something different. Gibson is a master of this - his way of using language is masterful and sets the mood. The story? Hmm - a great start - the idea of having a person sensitive to corporate branding and logos is great. The footage - the central element of the book - the snippets of a movie that turns up on the internet and is dissected and discussed by a steadily growing fan base, is intriguing - interesting by how it’s described. There are up’s and down’s as we move with Cayce through London, Tokio and Moscow. I’m not quite finished with the book, so I don’t know if the resolution of the story works or is interesting or not. I’m enjoying this book so much because of the way Gibson models feelings with language - and that can be quite enough reason to read…

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