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P800 woes

This morning my trusty P800 wouldn’t let me work at all. Programs weren’t starting, couldn’t open contacts (Disk Full message). I switched it off and then on - and was greeted with “your disk is corrupt - I will format it to fix the problem”. GREAT Really great - after formatting the disk, my phone started working again but was back to pristine conditions - no contacts, no calendar entries, no nothing. I’m wondering over the stupidity of the Symbian OS to treat a disk full condition with this harsh reaction. Luckily the P800 software let’s you backup your phone - unfortunately my last backup was almost one month old. And as avid readers know, I’ve had problems syncing with Lotus Notes for a long time now. I took the opportunity to download the newest PC software for the P800 (german) and then noted this answer to my query on Notes.net helped me to get Synching of the p800 with Lotus Notes working again: I had to remove every trace of the old PC Suite from the system. I also removed all traces of it in the registry, re-installed the 1.5.1 software, set up the synch options - and voila - it worked. Incredible. Technology at it’s best. Grmpfl

Jens-Christian Fischer

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