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A happy life

Yesterday on TV: A 82 year old swiss lady, looking not one day older than 60. She must be the happiest person on this earth.

She is doing day-care for 10-14 children - ranging from toddlers to kids going to school. Getting up every day at 5. Firing the stove with wood. First kids arrive at 6:30, last kid leaves at 18:00. Every day.

Her last holidays were in 1971 when she visited her mother in the US - but didn’t quite like it.

She takes 1 swiss franc per hour per kid as a fee. She has been doing this for about 60 years.

This is her whole life. And she is totally satisfied and happy. No dreams (except for being able to die at home, not in a center for old people or in a hospital), no wishes, no desires.

She looked happy, glowing, relaxed.

I wonder how many people can look at their life and say: I’m completely and utterly satisfied with the way my life is.

I know that I can’t. But seeing Nelly Kagi, hearing her talk about the joy she has taking care of children - I wonder why I can’t.

Time for some meditation

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