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Free the last mile

Today I got regular mail from my ADSL ISP (Econophone): Swisscom is changing ADSL speeds and I have to choose my new connection speed.

At the office, I currently have 1024/256 which I find is a great ratio for downloads and for keeping all my servers running and responisve. (This blog is served through that line). I pay 145 CHF / month which I find a reasonable price. Now Swisscom obviously thinks, that this speed is cutting into their leased line business, so that speed combination is no longer after October 1st. I have two choices: Downgrade to 600/100 for CHF 74 / month (which is unacceptable for servers) or downgrade/upgrade to 512/512 (for CHF 195 / month). The more interesting speed 1024/512 is priced at 245 / month.

After gnashing my teeth I decided to go the 512/512 route. My internet cost is going up around 30%, I loose 50% of my download speed and get more upload speed. I AM NOT HAPPY about this.

Free the last mile

(and I guess, I can reinstall my old Freenet Node now that I have ample bandwith, or maybe offload my MP3 collection to the office? Other ideas on what to do with that bandwith? Let me know!)

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