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Mobile Phone Decisions

Last week I dropped my P800 3 meters onto a concrete floor. The screen broke so I sent it in for repairs. Today I got a call that the repair is going to cost over CHF300 - a new P800 can be had for about CHF 900.

While I like the P800, it has enough warts that I’m considering an alternative. Right now I have re-lived my Handspring Visor and my old R520. I really, really, really liked that I had all my adresses on the phone and being able to call any number without further syncing.

So I’m in a state of dilemma now:

  • bite the bullet, repair the P800 and stay with it - not caring about the warts it has
  • Bite the bullet, repair the P800 and then sell it on ebay and get:
    • A Treo600 (meaning that I have to change my contract to a new provider (which is going to cost me quite a sum) and I don’t have Bluetooth
    • Buy a Palm T3 which seems to be just around the corner, and a cheap mobile phone (T68i)
  • Something entirely different?

What would you recommend?

Jens-Christian Fischer

Maker. Musician