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Free the last mile, part II

I grudingly accepted a change in ADSL plan last week and was looking forward to 512/512 soon.

Until 5 minutes ago, when I got a call from my ADSL ISP. The lady told me, that my phone lines wouldn’t be able to handle 512 upload, so I had the choice of staying (staying? You sent me a letter last week that told me I had to change) at 1024/256 - but for an additional CHF 100 per month. Or I could go to 512/280 (which seems to be the best upload speed I can get) for - get this - the same price as they are offering 512/512.

And to top things of, she told me that the 256 upload speed I was “enjoying” now actually only was 192. But that the 280 in the future would really be 280.

I’m fuming. There is nothing Econophone can do about this - they have to buy the ADSL lines and service from our monopoly Swisscom. And they control the last mile to my flat. It’s time that the Bundesrat acts up and frees the last mile!

Jens-Christian Fischer

Maker. Musician