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Do you want a refurbished P800?

Well - you know what happened to my P800. While it was getting repaired (actually it got a new screen and parts of a new case) I lived with my old R520 and the Tungsten T3 came out.

I broke down and now have the T3 - and in combination with my R520 it beats the P800 in almost every discipline.

  • it’s fast, really fast
  • The screen is gorgeous
  • Dialing a phone number is at least 3 times faster with the combination T3 -> R520 -> HBH-15 (bluetooth headset) than with the P800
  • It runs HourzPro and LifeBalance - two programs I can’t live without

Do you want a refurbished P800 on ebay?

Jens-Christian Fischer

Maker. Musician