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Blogging break

In case you hadn’t noticed… I’m on a blogging break. I have been very busy the last weeks and I had to cut down the time I read other peoples blogs. It seems that the act of not reading a blog leads to also not writing a blog.

I have a couple of new things to talk about (Tungsten T3, SonyEricsson T610, Posting Multipart/form-data from Perl to Notes, the SMTP server in Domino 5.0.11 and it’s handling of CRLF on inbound mails, the wild success that I’m having with Ben’s Midas LSX and a couple of other things - or rather - things that shouldn’t be talked about (*)) but I’m just to tired…

I’ll be back

*) Ever been in the middle of discussions / flame-wars with a psychotic person? Somebody so deeply engrained with paranoia and the strong will to go into “I’m a victim, everybody hates me, because I tell the truth, everybody tries to destroy me; I’m being censored; ….” mode of life, that makes any meaningful discussion impossible? Somebody that can come up with multiple page long emails full of rubbish, pseudo-psychology, “I’m victimized”, vile and diatribe per day? Let me tell you - it’s not a good experience.

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