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CSS - lower right text & Mac

What a joy… coding a simple website with some text on the lower right, independent of browser window size. No, no JavaScript please. And no - no tables, they are so 90s. So - because it’s “à la mode” it’s XHTML and CSS.

And because it’s commercial, it should look good on a number of different systems. Also on a Mac. With IE on a Mac.

A couple of hours later - I give up. IE/Mac is so broken, that there are websites that deal with a lot of annoyances.

I have decided that I will not bother with IE / Mac. The Mac people have Safari after all… (And us non Mac users can use iCapture to see how it would look like.)

The website is about Personal Groupware? Ohh - and still in it’s early infancy…

Update: I have given up on the CSS version and returned to the table based version (which incidentally doesn’t render to well on Opera - the browser I use). Things were looking good PC wise, but breaking up on the Macs we have. 4 hours spent to get a text in the lower right corner “the right, pure way with CSS”. Do any of you out there now how to do it?

And on another related note - all your base are belong to us:

Jens-Christian Fischer

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