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Confessions of a fetishist

I confess - I have a fetish (well actually, a couple of them, but I’m only going to talk about one that is for public consumption).

I am into keyboards. Computer keyboards. I don’t know when it started, but I was always fascinated with keyboards. I learnt touch typing at the tender age of 12 (going to a course and possibly being the youngest in that school to learn to type).

I couldn’t really use my new skills on the first computers I had (the Sharp PC-1211, the Oric 1 (review), a Sinclair ZX81 and Spectrum (and almost a QL). The Commodere PET (at school) and the 64 (at home) where the first with somthing like a real keyboard. And finally the Atari Portfolio (my first PDA) and Atari ST made me work in computers.

And then there were the PC’s. With external keyboards. I remember some cheap plastic stuff and then I bought my first real keyboard, a Cherry Ergo Plus which I loved and took with me to work. Then I managed to salvage an original IBM keyboard - which has served me for many years now.

For my PDA’s I got a Stowaway and recently a Palm Wireless Keyboard

So when I saw the Logitech DiNovo Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse I was very interested. I then had the opportunity to play with it a bit - and it’s feel is quite OK. It’s not the best keyboard I’ve ever typed on (the Cherry must be the one I liked most in terms of feel) but it feels like a good Laptop keyboard. And it has no wires. And it acts as a bluetooth hub for my Palm and my T610.

I have one since yesterday and so far like it quite a bit. It worked without installation (keyboard / mouse). The software that can be installed looks interesting, but I doubt I use much of the keyboard shortcut functions. Let me type a couple of 100 pages and I’ll let you know how good it really is.

Jens-Christian Fischer

Maker. Musician