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Virtuoso Neuston MC-500 & Linux Server

I recently got a Neuston Virutoso MC-500 streaming media client. A nice box that really does what it’s supposed to to: Stream music and videos to my TV and living room amplifier.

The only drawback: It requires a windows PC as a server. I have moved all my media to a little fanless Debian box and was hoping to stream my media from there.

Enter the OpenShowCenter which is for Pinnacle streaming systems but works equally well for the MC-500.

Here’s how I had to install it:

  • copy the OSC files to my /var/www directory (that’s the Apache root directory
  • add the following to my httpd.conf:

# The Neuston expects it's server on port 8000 Listen 8000 [...] LoadModule php4_module /usr/lib/apache/1.3/libphp4.so [...] <Directory /> DirectoryIndex index.php Options SymLinksIfOwnerMatch AllowOverride None </Directory> * Restart Apache * create a new server entry on the Neuston, entering the IP Address of the server like this: * Connect to the server and enjoy

When I had that, everything worked, except the actual streaming of the media on the server. Turns out, I had Port 80 in my httpd.conf and the PHP module took that when creating the entries for the playlist. I fixed it by changing the portnumber in the playlistgen.php scripts (but only because I found the Port 80 statement too late…

Happyiness and a streaming Linux server

Jens-Christian Fischer

Maker. Musician