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UI gods @ work

Confession: I don’t run a virus scanner. I had one and it brought my system to a crawl. I deleted it. But then I don’t use Outlook, I don’t use IE so I think I’m pretty safe… And so far, that seems to hold true.

With all the MyDoom brouha going on, I thought it was a good idea to scan my PC for this worm(s), so I used the Symantec scanner that they offer for free download. After a couple of hours trashing around on my harddisk, it finally completed, resulting in the following screen: symantec-ui.gif

Hmm - no Stop button… OK, let’s Cancel. symantec-ui2.gif And… The UI gods at work… Clicking on either Yes or No brings you back to the original screen.

Dont’ they ever test their things?

Jens-Christian Fischer

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