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Looking for a all-in-one office printer/scanner/fax

And boy does this seem to be difficult… Here’s what I need:

  • b/w printing (color nice, but not fundamental)
  • duplex printing a big plus
  • Color scanner (good, but not pro quality)
  • Fax - manual and from computer
  • Network enabled (wireless plus)
  • Postscript plus

I don’t care about ink / laser. Price is secondary, I want a high-quality experience. This for an office with 2-3 people and small-medium volume. No high-end machines please.

Are there any devices out there that do what I need to do? So far, the only one that seems remotely close is the HP OfficeJet 7140xi, but I have read mixed reviews…

Do you have experience? Let me know!

Jens-Christian Fischer

Maker. Musician