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Boycott the music industry

It’s time to show the music industry who their customers are – by boycotting them. (like vowe)

After Germany the swiss IFPI has announced that they are sueing “music pirates”.

Well, dear music industry: You are alienating your customers. I have bought > 800 CDs, a couple of 100 LPs (back in the old days) and a handfull of singles.

Music is part of my life (both listening and making) and I fully understand the need for artists to make a living. However, YOU, the music industry, are not helping. I would gladly buy music over the internet (ITunes music store), but you haven’t been able to make that available to me.

I have ripped most of my music because I have a file server at home that stores my music and an IPod on the go. When I buy a CD, I rip it directly and then store it. A copy protected CD? Either I am able to copy it anyway, or I use EMule to get me a ripped version.

I will continue to listen to new music, using the internet. I will continue to support artists “that get it” (like the ones on that are not evil (MagnaTune). But I will not buy any more CD’s that are brought out by “the music industry”.

And I will convince my friends to do the same.

Jens-Christian Fischer

Maker. Musician