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Blogger meets real life reader

This evening I had this strange experience that a lot of my blogger colleagues probably have had already…

I have met the first reader of my blog in flesh.

I knew Tanja through the web and mail and tonight we were at her place for dinner for the first time. Suddenly she said “you are the invisible guy, right?”. And then she talked about stuff I have blogged about: my kids, my company and so on.

This feels so totally strange. It’s like someone intruded into my private sphere. But then &emdash; I write on a public blog, for public consumption, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise at all.

I guess I have to get used to this… Anyway, Tanja: It was nice meeting you and here are the links I promised you: vowe, don and flightrisk

Chasper: thanks for the WiFi connection, dinner and coffee.

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