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20 Questions

What is this? The 20 Questions A.I. couldn’t guess it…

I am guessing that it is astrology?
 Yes ,  No , Close 
29.	  	I guess it an equation? No. 	
28.	  	Would you use it in the dark? No. 	
27.	  	Can you eat it? No. 	
26.	  	Can you control it? No. 	
25.	  	Is it comforting? No. 	
24.	  	Can it be used for recreation? Yes. 	
23.	  	Does it have cash value? No. 	
22.	  	Do you use it at work? Yes. 	
21.	  	Do most people use this daily? No. 	
20.	  	I guess it an MP3 file? No. 	
19.	  	Can you read it? Yes. 	
18.	  	Can you play games with it? No. 	
17.	  	Was it invented? Yes. 	
16.	  	Can it cheer you up? Yes. 	
15.	  	Can it affect you (cause an effect to you)? Yes. 	
14.	  	Can you get information by using it? Yes. 	
13.	  	Is it involved in movies? No. 	
12.	  	Is it useful? Yes. 	
11.	  	Is it used by the police? No. 	
10.	  	Do you hold it when you use it? No. 	
9.	  	Would you find it in an office? Yes. 	
8.	  	Does it come in different colors? No. 	
7.	  	Is it flexible? No. 	
6.	  	Can it be washed? No. 	
5.	  	Would you use it daily? Yes. 	
4.	  	Is it hard? No. 	
3.	  	Does it use electricity? No. 	
2.	  	Was it used over 100 years ago? No. 	
1.	  	It is classified as Other. 	
Jens-Christian Fischer

Maker. Musician