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Thoughts from the cellar

  • Shirt origami really works
  • Even long-sleeved turtle-necks can be folded neatly (do as described, turn it around, fold longer sleeve inwards at the end of the other sleeve, final fold as usual)
  • kids clothes work too, but the bigger the easier
  • Even though kids clothes are smaller, they aren’t faster to process – and there’s more of them
  • How come kids can’t wear one set of clothes per day?
  • Grant Green is better for folding than Massive Attack
  • Shriekback did some very good music and lyrics back in the 80’s. Faded Flowers being my all time favorite melancholic song)
  • A neatly folded t-shirt feels as good as well factored code
  • Black socks look very worn out after a lot of washing
  • When it rains, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the cellar, folding clothes
  • I want a combination of “computer, log entry” and a SenseCam
Jens-Christian Fischer

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