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Trying to emulate OS X

Engadget has an article on how to turn XP into a Mac OS X lookalike.

I like the dropshadow effect on the OSX windows, so I added YzShadow (it seems like it’s difficult to download this, a little googling brings you to a danish page that has all the Yz utilities). So fine, I have dropshadows.

What I really miss though is a desktop extender (virtual desktops) like the Mac has. I think I have tried all those that are availble on Windows, and not a single one of them even comes close to the one you can get for the Mac.

Why’s that? I’m left wondering.

On a related not: the Apple AirPort Extreme that has been announced recently makes so much sense. Not only in terms of functionality (Wireless AccessPoint, Bridge, Printserver, music outlet) but also as a strategic element in getting more people to buy mac computers. It’s like the iPod. When people have a piece of Apple Hardware in their hands, they are much more likely to consider to buy Apple the next time a new computer is due. I know that it works for me. My next purchase will most likely be a 15" PowerBook. Raphaël is using one, and the more I see it and Panther, the more I like it. The only thing that puts me off at the moment (save for the missing money of course) is the keyboard. It seems a bit tiny to me, but I guess that’s something that I could get used to.

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