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Repair the repair function please

A couple of weeks ago, my laptop running Windows XP decided to have a fit. After the application of generous amounts of TLC, chanting secret mantras and threatening to accelerate it with 9.81 m/s^2 , I got it working again. It decided to re apply about 73 security patches and service packs and booted.

However I have since lost the ability to access my wireless network and the boot process sometimes takes even longer than usual.

Today I decided to try to use the repair function of Win XP (boot from the installation CD and hit the “R” key).

So there: Shutdown, reboot, hit CTRL-ALT-DEL because it didn’t boot from CD, press F-12, select the CD drive. Wait for the installation routines to load all kinds of interesting device drivers for esoteric devices, one at a time and finally: Hit the R key. Select c:\windows to repair.

Enter the adminstration password: clickety-click

Enter the adminstration password: clickety-click-clicke-e-click
Enter the adminstration password: clickety-click (?)

1-2-3 - wrong - rebooting the machine

My colleague Paul who was visiting me, suggested to clear the admin password. So we rebooted into normal XP, found the user management, re-set the password of the Administrator to empty, shut-down and started again.

After the third attempt to enter an empty password, I booted again, and set the password to 123.

Same procedure as before. Same result. Frustration level risen above threshhold.

Continued to work.

Slowly trying to come to grips with the notion of having to re-install XP and a gazillion applications.

Looked at this store, looked at the bank account, sighed.

Tried to find a duplex unit for a HP color LaserJet – but that is a story for another day.

Jens-Christian Fischer

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