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Well, but what is ZAPPATA?

A lot of people have been asking: What is it, that ZAPPATA does?

The technical answer: It’s a personal mail server that uses it’s own peer to peer, secure infrastructrue to exchange mail

But there’s another answer: Michael Sampson has written an excellent report with an overview over different collaboration technologies. In it, he lists, the pros and cons of the different tools (email, IM, Presence, RSS, Shared Workspaces).

Email has a list of whopping 11 negatives, cited below:

1. The metaphor of usage has changed 2. Deluge of spam 3. Lack of Immediacy 4. Torrent of Email 5. Lack of Content Security 6. Lack of Shared Taxonomy 7. Transmission of Viruses and Worms 8. Lack of Real Time Tools 9. Content is Siloed in the Email Client 10. Attachment Distribution is unreliable: Blocking, Stripping, Quotas 11. Expiration of Email Addresses

Well - it turns out, that ZAPPATA has a solution to 10 of the 11 points raised (sorry, we can’t do anything about Outlook being abused to transport virii and worms)

We have published a Whitepaper on how ZAPPATA solves email problems on our website.

Jens-Christian Fischer

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