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Welcome to ...

In this technological mess, that we tend to call home, there’s a new addition to the machinery:

He’s big, he’s black, he’s ugly and he’s loud. My wife already hates him with a vengeance. Right now he sit’s in the living room, but he will find a new home as far away from the civilized parts of the flat as possible:

Welcome SAURON, our new home-file server. He has 480 GB in RAID 5 array, dual P3 processors (who will bore themselves to death), a new network card (that, and plugging in the ethernet cable into the new card (!) helped with my network problems).

His purpose is to serve my MP3 collection. 4 weeks ago, I lost 40 GB of my music because a harddisk died on me. And thus I said to myself: My music is to valuable to entrust onto a single disk - there shall be a big server to house it. And so it happend.

Now I need to re-rip 500 CDs. Halleluja

Jens-Christian Fischer

Maker. Musician