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I hate to break it to you guys

Today a mail passed my spam filters. Let me quote a couple of things from it:

Hello Jcf,

I visited invisible.ch today. I am with Family Safe Web and I think that your site could be of interest to our web site visitors. Family Safe Web would like to invite you to trade links with us. Please visit our site at “https://www.familysafeweb.net/".

[…] Here is a description and a link to Family Safe Web to place on your site:

“Family Safe Web, the Family Friendly Internet Service Provider. Offering filtered Internet access using the most advanced filtering system available today. Service is affordable, reliable, fast, and not over-blocked.” “https://www.familysafeweb.net

Right. Filtering. Christian. Censorship.

Here’s my anwer to them:

Dear Michael

Indeed, I think that my web site is a good match for your readers. I am glad to see, that you are actively seeking content that is fit for your audience. I’m specially glad to see, that it’s simply not true, that religous groups (especially christians) are narrow minded, unable to be exposed to the real life with all it’s facets (good, bad, funny, shrewd, lewd and so on).

It’s with great pleasure, that I put a link to your service on my website. Let me also give you a couple of prominent links to content on my site, that will expand your readers minds:

Classical movie in ASCII format

Usage of technology to transport images

Annotated Bush Speech

The truth behind advertising in personal ads


If you would like to be more involved with Family Safe Web, we have an option which can earn you money! Our Affiliate Program allows you to

Reviewing your policies and modi operandi, I have instead opted to donate another $20 to freenet.org a non profit organisation that is involved in creating a transport mechansim over the internet that can’t be monitored, controlled and censored.

My firm belief is, that you are doing yourself, your audience and the world at large a huge dis-favor by censoring, suppressing and neglecting anything that you don’t see fit for consumption. I am disgusted by the belief, that anyone (and especially the organisation you represent) should place a limit on what others are allowed to see.

regards Jens-Christian Fischer

Jens-Christian Fischer

Maker. Musician