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Secure Email

R. stumbled upon Jeftel that promises (among other things) an end to Spam. They do it by using a proprietary, peer-2-peer email system. That’s great news actually, beacuse it shows us, that we haven’t been the only ones having this idea. (And as Simon Garfinkel notes, P2P comes clean and can be used for other purposes than sharing music).

So how does it compare to what we at ZAPPATA are doing. I have outlined how ZAPPATA solves email problems (not just Spam). And we don’t do anything proprietary either: We use known and trusted protocols: SMTP, POP3, IMAP, DNS.

And while we don’t envision 10 Million users by 2007, we have a couple of other nice things planned for the future.

Stay tuned!

Jens-Christian Fischer

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