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I was very, very interested in reading about what Steve Jobs would come up with earlier today. And when I saw it, I ordered one. I got the small model (1.2 GHz, 40Gig HD), but added memory and bluetooth.

Unlike vowe I think the mini hit’s a very sweet spot. If this mini works out the way I hope it will, it won’t be the last one I will buy. I can see minis at the following locations around me:

  • augmenting / replacing the computer my kids use for playing games
  • replacing the old, old, old PC our secretary uses in the office
  • replacing the not quite so old PC my wife uses in the office
  • replacing the 2 PC’s that my company support in a day-care for children
  • adding a dedicated build machine at my company

In all locations, the necessary infrastructure (monitors, keyboards, mice, kvm switches, ethernet cabling) is available. Those computers don’t need large disks (because there either are file servers around or the documents that get written will fit in 2 GB during the next 5 years - if even that)

I am very excited about the MacMini and looking forward to receiving the first of the (planned) bunch.

Jens-Christian Fischer

Maker. Musician