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XP Practicing Group Zurich

No, we’re not talking Windows XP, but eXtreme Programming. (Small but important difference) Jim Weirich is doing an interesting thing in the Cincinnati XP Users Group. They meet once a month to not only talk about XP, but to actually practice it. Doing this, they write software for a children hospital and learn XP (and they probably have fun too)

As a practicioner of ExtremeHacking (that is working alone, using some of the XP methods) I’d be extremely interested in starting something like this in Switzerland (and maybe even in Zurich). There is a XpAdoptersGroupSwitzerland and I have posted the same on the mailing list, but I’ll repeat it here:

I’m willing to organise an event (maybe one evening every month) where everybody brings their laptop and we’ll do some small project, XP style. I guess there are enough interesting small things that could be done in a couple of sessions and the idea is that everybody benefits, learns something new, practises XP and in general has fun.

Programming languages of choice? I’d say Ruby and/or Java. Who’s in?

Jens-Christian Fischer

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