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MS buys Groove

Microsoft has aquired Groove Networks. There are some more details on the website.

Does this mean that Ray Ozzie has more time to blog?

And does that mean, that Groove has been lost for the Mac community forever?

I have been using Groove right from the start, before the 1.0 version (and wrote about it on the Heise Newsticker back then). We used it extensively when we were building Ivorix. I think it was way ahead of it’s time then. Unfortunately, the 2.0 release was slow & bloated. I have been using less and less of it over the years - also due to the fact, that basic features like search and printing were missing. So it has disappeared from my Toolset - unlike the other brainchild of Ray, Lotus Notes.

All the best, Ray - I hope you can do what you do best at Microsoft - develop revolutionary ways of working.

Jens-Christian Fischer

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