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This morning at the train station

Early in the morning, almost at the end of my 105 minute commute, I have to switch trains at Bern. Sometimes I pick up a Brezel as a kind of breakfast.

That’s what I did today. As I was standing in the queue I noticed a man, about 50-55 years old, worn out, looking ragged, leaning his crutches against the wall and smoking while he was waiting for his order to be filled. I noticed his pack of cigarettes dropping to the floor. All the time while waiting, I debated if I should pick it up for him or just deprive him of the fags.

After I had my Brezel in hand, the better part of me won. I bent down & picked up the pack - and noticed that it was empty. Still I gave it to him, saying that he had lost his cigarettes. He looked at me, mumbled “it’s empty” and tossed it right back on the floor.

Stunned by this display of politeness, I retreated, only managing to say “there are trashcans”.

I’m still stunned ;-)

Jens-Christian Fischer

Maker. Musician