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Notes / Domino Server crashes and fixup woes

I’m sitting in front of two clustered Notes servers that have died on me when I tried to diagnose a problem using the OpenLog log database. I added some unsupcious looking code to circumvent a problem that of course failed. In order to get more informtation on what failed, I decided to use OpenLog to pinpoint the error.

The moment, the agent ran with OpenLog enabled the Domino 6.0.4 server died. The following restart had it hanging on a consistency check. Killing the server with nsd -killand a subsequent nfixup -j -S c:\domdata brought up a lot of “interesting” error messages:

Hardware/OS error () writing to database (c:\Domdata\xx\xxxx.NSF), 
Length=5B8 (PID=2D8/TID=2)

This is on a Windows 2003 Server.

Has anyone got any clue of what is going on?

(In the meantime I have managed to kill the clustered backup server in the same manner and I’m looking at it fixuping it’s databases before I can restart it)

It’s going to be a long night….

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