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Spores of life

R. sent me a link to a transcript of Will Wright’s presentation of Spore, an evolutionary game, a couple of months ago.

I was stunned by the descriptions. Today I found a link to a video of the actual presentation and demo of Spore.

While I sat and watched in amazement, my wife and our female co-worker watched too and commented on it. Interestingly enough, both of them weren’t that compelled. They commented on the strange creatures, the way they walked, etc. They didn’t see the beauty of the procedural way of doing things, the way the game evolves from single-cell creatures to “war of the worlds”

Still they can see, that the game could be attractive to females in general. I’m left to wonder why it doesn’t click for them.

I could see myself spending weeks in this game….

What does it take to make games appealing to females? Any ideas?

Jens-Christian Fischer

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