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It's not Bill Gates fault

Ben Hammersley delivered a great presentation. He spoke about the history of blogging – all the way back 300 years ago to The Tatler as the proto-blogger.

A very good and entertaining presentation with lot’s of food for thought. One patter of though is, that our society must come up with new social norms and acceptable behaviors to cope with the rapid change of technology. We even aren’t used (as a society) to the walkman - a 25 year old technology.

The key thing that I took away – and my moment of enlightenment – was when Ben told about his mother-in-law. Her PC is a spy-ware, porn-pop-up infested, not-working-any-more piece of junk, but she doesn’t blame Bill Gates or Internet Explorer. She blames the people actually putting that stuff on her PC. It’s a social problem, not a technological. The solution is not to install Firefox or to switch to a Mac, but to make the act of sending of spam, putting pop-up ads on your screen as bad as pissing in the corner of the conference room. Social norms have to adapt to the new uses of technology.

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