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Thinking on three levels

reboot is over, I missed the party last night, but I’m almost on the plane back to Zurich with a couple of hours of sleep.

reboot was a great experience and I there was enough food for thought there to keep me occupied quite some time. What would be needed now is a couple of days quiet thinking time. Unfortunately my family and the pending move to a new house next week will make that impossible.

reboot got me really tired. Reflecting on this, there are a number of factors to this. The most important fact was that I was constantly thinking about what I’ve heard on multiple levels:

  • Thinking about what can be blogged, what would be of interest to you, gentle reader

  • Thinking about what to write for german c’t who expects an article about the conference

  • Thinking about how to apply the things I heard to my professional life, both the company InVisible, and projects like Zappata and Amuda that sadly flounder at this time

The interesting thing is, that almost all sessions I attended were relevant to at least two of the three areas above. Figuring out what the relevant parts is, paying attention to the presenter, listening/reading in on the back channels (like IRC) all made for an exhausting two days.

After coming home, I had some long discussions with my wife, who is much more skeptical on all things technical. She made some extremely good comments about the governance of the web. I will have to think about that a bit, and will be writing about that soon.

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