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There are things in the life of an IT engineer that are likely to drive him insane. Not the installation of PostreSQL on OS X. Not writing multithreaded Ruby code. Not looking for performance problems in Java programs, running on Sun Solaris using vmstat, iostat and truss. Not even working with RoboHelp X5 and RoboSource Control

Table of Contents. In Word (or in OpenOffice - the two have similar approaches)

While I’m able to fathom why graphics don’t print (RoboHelp to Word to PDF conversion - a graphic that is wider than 585 pixels won’t print but just leava a big blank space on the page) I can’t produce a table of content that has a fleeting resemblance to a real one (like one you’ll find in a book). I’m able to create all kinds of abominable contortions with seemingly random numbers, tabs, indentations but nothing that conveys a sense of structure.

Applying logic doesn’t seem to help. Intuition developed during 20 years of working with computers and programs doesn’t help. Experience with PageMaker, Quark Express, Calamus and other DTP programs? Of course not!

Is it finally time for me to do Word 101?

(And sorry, but No: LaTeX or DocBook aren’t a viable alternative)

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