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Tweakfest 2005 - What / Why

Elmar Ledergerber, the mayor of Zurich, greets the - not to many - visitors and wishes “happy tweaking”

The team behind tweakfest, explains the reasoning behind Tweakfest and what awaits us. The agenda and the goals of tweakfest look impressive. 10 things are going to be premiered, a lot of speakers. Art meets commerce. I’m probably going to blog in german for the rest of tweakfest, because the constant translation between german and english is getting difficult.

There are 4 main tracks in the conference:


Media, Art, Culture. What is happening in the swiss electronic media scene. What has happened to etoy? Why have they switched from “electronic art” to designing the x-mas decoration for Bahnhofstrasse?


Ubiqitous computing. From “Big brother is watching you” to the future of computing. Open Source and information society. Artificial Intelligence & robotics. Brain drains - how big is innovation in Switzerland?


New forms of delivery of content. Creative commons. Intellectual Property. Triple play.


“Unterbewerteter” Wirschaftszweig. Switzerland is on spot 5 on the “Creativity Index” after Sweden, Japan, Finnland and the US.

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