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Tweakfest - Random Observations

Things to do at a conference:

  • There shall be drinks and food. Preferably free. Preferably drinkable (coffee in the shape of dark water is not enough - especially if it costs CHF 1.50). I don’t mind paying for a beer or something solid to eat. But water/coffee/fruits have to be available.

  • There shall be Wireless LAN and electricity. Collaboration at a conference is not possible without. (it seems though, that there should be wireless access - it’s just not working)

  • There shall be an area where people can sit down and talk to each other - like a lounge

  • It’s a good idea to have multiple tracks running in parallel. That way there’s always something to go to (even passing through the lounge, bumping into others)

  • All audience members shall be treated equal: Breaking up the schedule into a corporate (CHF 580), a professional (CHF 75) and a media (CHF 25) part is a bad idea. Firstly because you don’t piss off those people who can’t or won’t afford 580 bucks to see Bruce Sterling. Secondly because you don’t have to do specials (get a corporate ticket for the professional price because you signed up on our mailing list one year ago). Thirdly because the interesting sessions would have more than 30 participants.

  • There shall be more interaction between the audience and the conference speakers.

Oh - Tweakfest is not getting a lot of these things….

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