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Moving the blog to Wordpress?

Even though you haven’t seen me post on this blog recently, I have been busy deleting comment spam all the time. My MoveableType installation is pretty old, and the SpamFiltering solution is quite old too. Everything runs on a creaky server out of my office. Also I’m not to fond of fiddling with the layout of the blog (although web visitors might have noticed some changes) because it means I have to republish the complete site.

So I have been thinking about moving to a new blog system. While I have some experience with TextPattern and Typo, I would like to try out Wordpress too.

My main interest is to keep the permalinks to the 450+ articles I have written in the past and secondly to make my life administering this blog easier. Also I want to drop categories and move towards a tag-based organization of my content. I haven’t yet looked at Wordpress in detail to see if I can keep the permalinks, but this is something that went onto my todo-list as of 30 seconds ago. Anyone out there know the answer?

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