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Ruby On Rails Training in Zurich

After having worked with RubyOnRails for over a year, with several successful projects done or in progress, I’m happy to announce the first Ruby On Rails Training in Zurich (german).

This two day workshop in Zurich covers the basics of Rails development with the participants building a complete web application from scratch. They will use techniques from Extreme Programming (XP) so that the participants get the most practical approach to learning and using the things learnt.

I’m looking forward to giving this workshop. Back in the old days (about 10-12 years ago) I did a lot of Lotus Notes work. Back then my team built one of the first LAEC (Lotus Authorized Education Centers) and I even managed to become a CLI (Certified Lotus Instructor). I did Lotus Notes Development and Administration Trainings and enjoyed the experience. I still have contact with some of my pupils from back then - and some of them still work with Notes / Domino.

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