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Is Campfire going free?

I was looking at my Campfire Chat and checked out the Account tab when I noticed that the 30-days option had turned into a “free” option. In addition, the paid options have a checkmark next to “ad-free”. Have the 37signals given us yet another free application? In the beginning, they said that there would only be a 30-day free trial.

I’m still holding out my final opinion on campfire. I really like the way it’s designed, I like the simplicity, but I don’t (yet) see the real benefit of using Campfire vs. for example IRC. And my biggest gripe is, that I can’t specify which people are allowed into which rooms. As it is now, I can’t have rooms for all of my clients, because everybody can see everything. Openness is good, but it only goes so far…

UPDATE: 2006-03-14, Indeed, Campfire has gone free for life

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